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So, what happens when you get a BA in Philosophy and an MFA in Acting?  You either put up a one-man staged version of Kant's 'Metaphysics of Morals'   ...or you go into Real Estate.  Obviously.

Luckily for everyone I chose the latter and became a  Realtor specializing in unique homes.  I work with clients from Santa Monica to Altadena and everywhere in between.  I'm especially handy in Los Feliz, where I've lived for years with my wife and 2 cats- Bearcat and General Meow.

I'm a California native, but spent many years in New York before coming back and starting my Real Estate business.  Having a background in entertainment has actually proven to be a great benefit in this town-  most of my clients work in the biz, so I'm able to relate and focus on their needs in a very specific way.  But I work with a wide variety of clients, and my goal is to make each one feel like they're the only one on my roster.

The bottom line is I love  homes.  I love finding the potential in fixer-uppers and  bringing out the personality in million-dollar listings.  And what better place to be a Realtor than LA, where every neighborhood, every street has a unique home just waiting to be lived in.  Hopefully I can help find the perfect one for you.



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